The Mystic

The moon had made its ascent in the sky, even though the sun was still working its way down. Energy from them both raced through my body. Igniting sparks like pistons in a car, tiny explosions of life and power took over my body. This was my favorite part of the day. The part when I felt re-energized. The Creator and Moon goddess’s gift to my kind. Magic reverberated in my blood. A familiar tingle at the tips of my fingers as it ached to come out, to play.

Ingrid is a witch hiding among werewolves. She knows it’s dangerous if they find out about her power. After her dad dies she must pull herself together, as she manages her grief which is affecting her magic. A budding relationship with the pack Beta is not helping her stay under the radar. Will she stay hidden in the shadows or will her secret be discovered?

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