The Awakening

“Little Bird.” Someone said the name that Gran had always used for me. I turned around, trying to see who would call me. “Little Bird.” The voice came again.

The dark pink light floated up from her body like a cloud rising, sailing up to the Owl that still sat in the tree above. Surrounded by Gran’s aura, the owl stretched its wings wide.

“Little Bird, listen carefully.” The voice came from the owl.

“Gran, is that you?” I said aloud. 

A cop side eyed me as he walked by.

Thunder crashed in the distance as the storm inched closer. The wind picked up, thrashing my long, red hair, pieces whipped across my eyes.

“Listen,” she repeated. “It is no longer safe for you here. They will look for you as well. You must go back to the house. The map to safety is in the workroom.” 

A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky with a loud boom.

“You will find all your answers with the family.”

The raindrops fell sporadically.

“I don’t understand Gran. What does that mean?” I begged.

The bird hopped, its wings flapping.

Being a witch is dangerous and Phoebe knows it, she isn’t ready to navigate this world as a witch by herself. But, when her Gran dies in a suspicious accident she quickly ends up on a scavenger hunt to locate a map that will guide her to safety. When the map leads her to a place magically shielded, she has to explain how and why she is there without revealing her witch heritage.


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