The Havoc State

“This is it, Vinnie boy. Our home for now.” We walked through the door of my childhood home. It was one of the few on the block left untouched after the chaos the aftermath of The Day of Doom, as we had all started calling it. The day Mother Nature freaked out on us for hundreds of years of mistreatment and abuse. Like a planned attack, wildfires popped up all over the world, earthquakes shook part of the country straight off the map, and rivers and lakes flooded with no rain falling from the sky. Natural disasters all over the world rendered complete countries unlivable. Billions of people died.

Havoc definitely wasn’t the safest place to be a single female that lived alone, but at this point I had no other choice.

What humanity took generations to destroy, mother nature reclaimed in days, and the global devastation left billions dead. Betrayed by the man she stayed behind for, Gemma finds herself clawing for survival in the new world order, when she leaves the safety of the gated community that protects the powerful to fend for herself in the wilds of the Havoc State. In fear of the violent clash between rebel bombs and the guns of the new regime, Gemma must cross a vast land of anarchy to rejoin her family out west.

Reed makes a dangerous choice, when he decides to help Gemma after he finds her stranded on the side of the road. They rescue each other when he accepts Gemma’s invitation to accompany her on the journey West– but when the demons from Reed’s past track him down, they learn history can reach farther than they could have imagined. 

Recruited by the Revolution leaders and pressed into service, Gemma is surprised when someone she least expects shows up with critical intel that forces her and Reed apart. Will Gemma and Reed live long enough to find each other again, or will the chaos of Havoc swallow them whole?

Stay tuned for more information about The Havoc State, it is getting a facelift before it gets published in paperback and E-Book format later this year.

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