The Special Recipe


“You kids ready to do some baking?” My Grandma is the best. We always have a different activity to do each time we come over. Today is no different. We are going to be baking her special chocolate chip cookie recipe, I don’t know what she does that makes them so special but they taste amazing.

“Yes, Grandma.” We say as we run to the kitchen.

“Alright, you two first off go and wash your grubby hands. We can’t have all your cooties getting in our special cookies.” She grabs flour, sugar and chocolate chips from the cupboard. She balances some butter, brown sugar and eggs on top before sitting it all on the counter. “Dumplin, do your Grandma a favor and get that vanilla and baking powder from the pantry.”

“Yes, ma’am.” My sister says as she pulls the stool over and retrieves the items.

“Honey, get in to that drawer over there and get the measuring cups and spoons.” She tells me as she sits the mixing bowl on the counter next to the ingredients.

“Okay, Grandma.” I say, stacking all the measuring utensils in my arms.

“Now we have just about everything we need to make these cookies.” She pulls a cookie sheet out from that cabinet and punches a button on the oven, warming it up. “We’re going to mix all these ingredients together in this mixing bowl.” She hands me the two different types of sugar. “This brown one we pack down tight, the white one we just scoop it and level it off on top. Got it?” I nod my head.

“We’re going to whisk them with this softened butter until they’re a nice light color.” She moves the wire utensil in circular motions until it is all even and combined. “Here stir this.” She hands me the whisk and adds the eggs and vanilla. I mix them in until smooth when she pours the flour and baking soda in. It gets thicker and harder to stir, when she finally adds the best part. The chocolate chips. “Take that there spoon and dip out some batter. Make little balls and place them on the baking sheet.”

She cleans up putting things away while my sister and I do as we’re told. “Good, now lets get these in the oven.”

After watching the cookies bake through the window of the oven, Grandma finally says, “They’re done.”

“I’m so excited.” My sister says as Grandma slides them from the baking sheet.

The cookie is so warm and gooey and melts perfectly together with every bite.

“Grandma, what makes this recipe so special? Isn’t it just like every other chocolate chip cookie recipe?” I ask.

“Well, it is, and it isn’t.” I look at her, eyebrows drawn together. “You see little Bug, the key ingredient is my love for you. That’s what makes them so special.” We smile as she wraps us both in a big hug.