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I love all things fantasy and paranormal with a smidge of science fiction sprinkled here and there.Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Stargate (the movie), which was coincidentally filmed where I grew up. Now, I love witches, vampires, fairies and werwolves the more the better. I’m obsessed with A Discovery of Witches the book and tv series.

Here’s a little about how my writing journey began. 


I’ve been writing on and off for over ten years, but it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I thought of myself as a writer. And, now here I am with one online publication under my belt and my first piece in a collection. A Moms Who Write anthology, The Order of Us, released in April 2022 (published under the name Rose Jay Rigby).


I didn’t write when I was little, although, I do remember enjoying writing stories in school. There was a specific one about a king and a princess that I was particularly proud of in fourth grade. I thought I was legit when the teacher handed them back to us and they were spiral bound. It’s probably in my mom’s basement to this day.


I only wrote what I was told to and when I was told to for school only. Writing was a chore, a class assignment and nothing more. Fast Forward to being an adult mid-twenties and finding my love of reading. That is what brought me to writing.


I thought surely I can create stories that people would like to read, characters that people would fall in love with. I was always a creative person. I loved creating things using different mediums. Writing was another medium, another tool in the box. Do I love writing now? Yes. I enjoy creating and sharing the worlds I build in my head. I love the characters living in them. I love telling stories. 


~Amber J. Painter